His Life – from the Vision to the Painting

Frieder Mache was born on the 12th October 1945 in Stuttgart. The city had been destroyed during the Second World War so it was a time when everyone was struggling for survival.

Since the 1980's he paints in Aquarel, Gouache, Acrylic, Pastel, Oil and also mixed techniques. He has always done drawings.

He doesn’t try to paint realistically and does not work out details, preferring instead a special colour pointing technique whereby he reduces the objects he is seeing into colour spots or areas. With this technique the picture could be seen by the viewer as Frieder saw it inside himself, but it is also possible for each viewer to conceive the picture in his own way.

This is the starting point from which he develops a special technique using rolled sponges, with oil colours and other paints. He plays with the pressure and angle of the roll and builds formations of either prismatic, transparent or compact bright colours.

Frieder Mache works on many subjects including landscapes, skylines, architecture and still life. Over many years he has made portraits and has an extraordinary collection of female figures. Being familiar with the anatomy of the human body as an orthopedic physician, it is easy and necessary for him to bring the images from his mind into reality. He often represents them in a manner unconnected to the surrounding space, but also sometimes frames them in a room or a fantasy landscape. They are either expressions of what he has seen or come from his memory, dating back to his earliest childhood, and he doesn’t require any models.

He is particularly emotionally engaged in this part of his work and that is why the first virtual exhibition on his new website is dedicated to this theme.

Exhibitions until now:

  • 1992
    • “Motives of Rauenthal”, Rauenthal (Germany)
    • “Painting means learning to see”, Wiesweg Gallery, Eltville (Germany)
  • 1993
    • “Weak points”, Group exhibition, Ruedesheim (Germany)
    • “New pictures”, Gallery in the Tower, Eltville (Germany)
  • 1994
    • “Selected pictures”, Deutsche Bank, Eltville (Germany)
    • “Spring salon”, Group exhibition of the Art Association of Ruedesheim (Germany)
    • “Summer exhibition”, Wiesweg Gallery, Eltville (Germany)
    • “Autumn salon”, Group exhibition of the Art Association of Ruedesheim (Germany)
  • 1995
    • “Atelier party”, Rauenthal (Germany), Opening group exhibition in the Gallery of the City Hall, Ruedesheim (Germany)
  • 1996
    • “Water and earth, colours, forms, light”, Gallery of the City Hall, Ruedesheim (Germany)
    • “Signposts in the times”, House of the Homeland, Wiesbaden (Germany)
  • 1997
    • “City paintings”, Art and Physician, Wiesbaden (Germany)
    • “Picturizations”, Castle of Biebrich, Wiesbaden (Germany)
    • Group exhibition, House of Economy and Industry, Duesseldorf (Germany)
    • Group exhibition, Gallery “The little Prince”, Baden-Baden (Germany)
    • “Crete, cradle of Europe”, District House, Bad Schwalbach (Germany)
    • Group exhibition, City Hall, Grindelwald (Switzerland)
    • Group exhibition, Gallery “The little Prince”, Baden-Baden (Germany)
  • 2002
    • Art exhibition and inauguration of house and atelier, Kapariana (Crete/Greece)
  • 2004
    • “Moments”, Artower, Gallery Erato, Athens (Greece)
    • “Atelier party”, Kapariana (Crete/Greece)
  • 2005
    • 2. International Exhibition of painting medicines
  • 2007
    • 3. Exhibition of the Greek society of medicines artists
  • 2008
    • 4. International Exhibition of Painting from Medical Doctors